Trib Live: How tax reform is playing out in Pittsburgh

By:  Al Rodriguez I was fortunate to attend President Trump’s recent event in Pittsburgh where he discussed the newly signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As a minority small-business owner proudly in business with my family in the Pittsburgh area and across the state, I am reassured that the president and Congress kept their word […]

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IFA’s Top 10 Advocacy Victories in 2017 for Franchise Owners

  2017 was a landmark year for the International Franchising Association as it advocated on behalf of the franchising community and protected the franchising business model. As an industry, franchising is on the rise and continues to be a significant contributor to the United States economy with 733,000 franchise establishments that support nearly 7.6 million […]

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Business Record: Tax Reform Can’t Leave Small Business Behind

By: Tam Kennedy | As we head into the busy holiday season, tax reform is top of mind for nearly every small-business owner in Iowa. We can all agree that the burdensome tax code coupled with the exhaustive regulatory climate over the past decade has hindered our growth and prevented true economic stability. So the progress […]

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